Error "Claim Assessor"

I ran into a problem while going through the testnet. I can’t vote. Knowledgeable guys, tell me what the problem is? Staking share 23 INSUR.
I am on a testnet. I have ETH. I have a stake in staking. Screenshots are attached. Tell me what could be the problem? Am I doing something wrong?

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I’ve just unstaked half of my ETH (9 eth), but my balance in stake still 18 eth. What would it be?

my erc20: 0xe4981Aa955610b8182a2F4c05238095CCB0336F0

Thank you for your appreciation of our project.
We regret that we only have the English version right now. We are going to launch other versions sooner. And for the claims section, our system is being optimized and enhanced.
Thank you so much again for your suggestions.

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