I guess the final suggestion

The product itself is just enormously amazing. It’s definitely robust, well oriented in upcoming crypto insurance boom (hopefully :smiley:) , I spent some time studying Bridge Mutual insurance giant and would like to say that InsurAce is well done product in it’s best, if you let me share my opinion about comparison I made:
:white_check_mark: KYC, win for InsurAce (KYC in my opinion will make people trust the product ,I believe that is what crypto world is aiming to achieve but not yet accomplished
:exclamation: Ethereum network are well known for it’s outrageous fees (hopefully InsurAce will be able to support cheaper gas networks, BSC for example)
:white_check_mark: Staking, mining and governance already included in whitepaper and it on its way :sunglasses:
So, I guess there is nothing else to add, well done guys!!!