Improvement ideas


First of all I really liked the interface, great job! Nevertheless it may be useful to create a user tutorial video explaining all the platform functions (for the lazy newbies).

Regarding my improvement suggestions I wanted to expose 2 ideas which would be interesting and would add value to the platform:

  • Besides allowing to stake ETH and DAI, seller pressure could be minimized by giving the opportunity to stake $INSUR as well.
  • It also would be really interesting to give the opportunity to sell a cover that no longer provides value to its owner (i.e. you get rid of the tokens that you insured before the purchased cover expires). It could be achieved by allowing the users to sell the covers back to the protocol or by enabling a pier-to-pier 2nd market for covers. IMO this initiative would add extra value to the protocol, since it would add a lot of flexibility, and users would benefit from it.

PS: my wallet adress is 0x7FAd3B256911E1857f971A6e8b432c0E011C83fE

Before you can improve something, you need to make the product work. In the presented semi-finished product, nothing functions.