INSUR Racer Program


Launching on the 1st September 2021.

Aim: to reward engagement from within our community.

Points based system with monthly distribution of INSUR tokens as rewards.

There will be a monthly leaderboard.

A monthly distribution of 5000 INSUR tokens will be distributed between the top 50 Racers, proportionally to the number of points earned.

Racer of the Month will be awarded 500 INSUR for most creative meme, video or article, selected by our Founder Oliver

To enter:

  1. Sign up for your personal referral code here:
  2. Submit referral code with wallet address, email, twitter, and telegram handle on form here:
  3. Start completing tasks listed below


  • Making memes about InsurAce and posting to Twitter or Instagram with tag #insurracer — 8 points
  • Asking Questions on telegram / discord and tag @insurace_counter_bot (Is this possible?) — 1 point
  • Answering Questions posted in groups correctly and tag @insurace_counter_bot — 2 points
  • Making Videos and posting to youtube (send link to — 10 points
  • Making Gifs and posting on twitter tagging #insurracer — 5 points
  • Introducing AMAs with other protocols (no AMA groups) — 20 points
  • Introducing partnerships — 100 points
  • Changing your logo to the InsurAce logo for 1 month — 10 points
  • Bringing in new insurance customers (min $50USD insurance premium purchase). Must use Referral link — 100 points
  • Creating a new link back to our site from a website or blog (submit link to @insurace_counter_bot )- 20 points
  • Create TikTok video about — 30 points
  • Write article about InsurAce, DeFi, Crypto Security, DeFi insurance, or a recent hack (minimum 300 words) — 50 points
  • Posting Tweet about InsurAce, Tag #INSURRACER- 1 point
  • Like & Quote Retweet with tag #INSURRACER — 1 point
  • Posting Instagram post about InsurAce — 4 points
  • Cross-community game / promotion — Create a game or competition with another DeFi project community (subject to CM approval) — 100 points.
  • Tell us about mistakes we make (spelling, grammar, visual, broken links, conflicting information) — 50 points
  • Create InsurAce sticker — 5 points


Rules may be subject to change.

Bot use will be disqualified.

Low quality or plagiarised content will be discarded.

Payout to a valid INSUR BEP20 Address only. Payment will be made on or before the 14th day of the following month.

The Ambassador program will run from September 1st 2021 — December 31st 2021, it may be extended.

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