InsurAce Biweekly Updates (May 2 – May 16)

Dear Community,

Kindly find out below what we have achieved during the past 2 weeks:

Product and Technology

  • Launched Liquidity Mining Program Read more
  • Lifted Cap and APY for $INSUR staking pool
  • UI re-design and fine tuning
  • Cross-chain coverages under testing
  • Gas fee optimization for Cover Mining
  • Ongoing SEO optimization
  • Completed risk assessments for more protocols to be listed.

Marketing and Business Development

  • Partnership with Alpha Homora Read more
  • Telegram Airdrop with over 7500 participants Read more
  • Community AMM on Discord
  • Built Youtube Channel, Subscribe here
  • Built Instagram Channel, Subscribe here
  • Built Russian Community on Telegram, Join here
  • Engaged with some top protocols to build partnerships.


  • Twitter followers: 14000 (up from 6900)
  • Telegram members: 15000 (up from 5900)
  • Youtube Subscribers: 2.46k
  • Instagram followers: 10k+
  • Total Value Locked: $25.8M (up from $19.69M)
  • Total Value Covered: $5.6M (up from $810.7K)
  • Total Premium Paid: $26k (up from $898.60)

Updated Docs on gitbook

  • User guide for liquidity mining
  • Claim assessment
  • Risk assessment

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