InsurAce will officially launch to Ethereum mainnet on 26 April 2021

We are thrilled to announce that InsurAce will officially launch to Ethereum mainnet on next Monday (26 April 2021). Staking service will also start at 14:00 UTC (22:00 SGT) on that day, marking the so much anticipated and exciting ignition of our main-net operations.

We have worked hard to complete an intricate smart contract which we believe to be the best DeFi insurance product available. This complex design has passed the rigorous auditing from SlowMist, and has been identified as “Low Risk”.

Feel free to check out the audit report here

The website front-end has also been revamped based on the feedback from the community previously, together with various upgrades to the platform to shape up a high-grade product.

Checkout the latest website and preview the app here:

We’re adopting a phased, security-oriented approach for the launch, since security and stability is of vital importance to an insurance protocol.

Therefore, we would like to make sure that every step forward is secure for our users and partners.

For more details on the schedules of our mainnet launch, refer to our Medium post

This is everything InsurAce has been working hard to build for our community over the last six months. With this new mainnet launch we will be able to roll out to new businesses, partners and collaborations with new innovations and developments coming each month.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned, more will be available in the exciting journey of InsurAce.

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