Partnership Announcement: Autofarm

InsurAce is proud to announce a new partnership with Autofarm , a yield farming aggregator built on BSC, HECO and Polygon. Users of Autofarm will be able to insure their staked assets against smart contract vulnerabilities and reduce their investment risk.

Autofarm offers their “Vaults”, earning users the best yields automatically through auto-compounded yields with optimised gas fees, and their “Swap”, which automatically splits your trade across multiple DEXes to ensure the best prices and lowest slippage possible.

Impressively, Autofarm have proven to be one of the most security-conscious protocols in DeFi today. They are committed to educating their users on the general risks of DeFi, including things like Private Key Loss, as well as more specific risks such as smart contract hacks. To counter this risk, Autofarm have equipped each smart contract with a 24-hour time-lock, and have been audited by four different auditors including CertiK, and Slowmist. Finally, their $100,000 bug bounty program helps to reduce future weaknesses.

By partnering with InsurAce, and listing on the InsurAce protocol, Autofarm are taking that additional step to offer their users the opportunity to insure their assets against hacks and bugs.

Highlighting this commitment to security, Autofarm will be purchasing $300,000 of coverage from InsurAce as part of this partnership.

“The complexity of DApps and smart contracts requires a multi-pronged approach for security. InsurAce steps up its game on the insurance front by offering insurance coverage to a diverse range of projects on multiple chains. Autofarm is glad to be partners with such a strong insurance contender within the DeFi space.” yprivacymatter, CMO & COO of Autofarm

“Autofarm is one of those great DeFi projects that we are most excited to be working with, they have a fantastic team, and a wonderful product, supported by a very active community. We are glad to be able to offer their users competitive insurance for their assets.” Oliver Xie, founder of InsurAce.

This partnership with Autofarm comes as part of the wider rollout of insurance services across DeFi, working with handpicked protocols to build sustainable growth, and offering industry-beating insurance services.

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