Release of InsurAce Product to Rinkeby Testnet

Dear Folks,

We’re glad to release our pre-launch product to rinkeby testnet. Please access via this link:

InsurAce on Testnet

We welcome all community members to try, test and feedback to us with any issue exposed, any suggestion for enhancements, and any idea for future developments. We’re working hard on the product iterations, and your contribution will always be greatly appreciated.

Those who participate in the testing with geninue feedback will be rewarded with the INSUR tokens once it’s issued and goes live. Welcome to join, and have fun :grinning: :grinning:.



我没有测试币,请问哪里可以领到测试币? :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration:

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The company will be a huge success thanks to a strong and dedicated team, and of course an excellent product!

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hi , used insurace testnet and really delighted to find a great user interface. just want to inform that tick box is missing under terms and conditions page …thanks .I already conveyed this information in the telegram .

hello.testing app very nice and intuitive but I noticed when you enter the numerical values with the comma it does not accept the point only the comma of ETH and DAI.Since I have a problem with the PC keyboard I find myself in trouble.
it would be a problem that facilitates many people.

I forgot to point out that this only happens when you buy Cover, in other situations where you enter non-integer numbers everything works fine…example 0.01 doesn’t work, 0.1 works

Need input validations when you buy covers, not sure why e is accepted when you chose the number of ETH for cover amount

The company will be a huge success thanks to a strong and dedicated team, and of course an excellent product!

hello i did testnet. First of all, it has been a very nice platform, thank you. but one case is that I just need to pull down the screen and save it to the right to view claims and active covers. I think it would be nice if you take care of it.

It is a interesting project. I am interested in investment part. But it is not ready for testing. Is it possible to make a pool for great project and work together with some investors?
Some insurances were made with 0x4ee0642d87EaAEa248759671b4422386d53A4ea0

Hi Guys !

Thanks for this testnet, it permits to test and understand all the features of the product.

First feedback, your product is really impressive in terms of interface, simplicity and quality; and this, on both devices : dekstop and mobile.

I did not have any problem or bug on the various transactions made.

Now, somes feedbacks :

  • On the dashboard, i don’t see my INSUR earned (by cover or stakin). Maybe it will be a good thing to add section which display the INSUR earned in “My Covers” and “My Staking” block.

  • On mobile version, I think it could be interesting to find in the header, the button “Connect Wallet” / wallet address once connected (this button is on the sidebar). This allows a connection by gaining 1 click and it allows you to easily check which wallet you are on without click.

- On the “Buy Covers” popin:

  1. The dropdown under DAI permits is not very understandable. When I select a protocol, nothing happen. I understand after that it’s for adding a new protocol in the protocols selection. But in my first use, I select a protocol already in the list. So nothing happen. It will be interesting to filter this dropdown with only projects not aready selected.

  2. The fieds “Cover Amount” and “Cover Days” are too long. I think the width of these fileds can be reduced by 30/40%. Maybe you can delete “ETH” on each line and put in in the title of the column.

  3. The “Remove” button is cut by the interface.

  4. There is a horizontal scrollbar

  5. This is not optimal to have to click on the “GET QUOTE” button to know the “Total Premium”. It would be appreciable to have the “Total Premium” calculated automatically when filling of the different protocol lines.

  6. On my screen (1920 * 1080) I don’t see the “PAY” button if I have 5 protocols selected.

  7. If i choose ETH, protocols, fill the different lines and GET QUOTE. Total premium is display. Then i choose DAI ; my total premium is not automatically migrated to a DAI amount. And if I come back to ETH again, total premium display 0. I need to click on the “GET QUOTE” button again.

- On the “Active Covers” popin:

  1. In the 4 blocks in the header, it’s missing the information of the Claim cover in progress.

  2. The “CLAIM” button is cut and there is a horizontal scrollbar

  3. I think a markdown for the columns would be a plus in the readability of the table in the case a lot of rows

- On the Claims,

  1. the display is cut on the right ; there is a scrollbar ; it’s not optimal to use :frowning:

Hope it will help and don’t hesitate if you need more testing on my feedbacks.


when I buy covers, I want to check my wallet balance.
Please add the display of wallet balance to this page.

Thanks @faruki_karahan , it will be great if you can share any screenshot which can give us a more solid understanding of the problem?



Good day. How can I exchange Ether for other coins?

Of course, you need the ability to exchange between different blockchains.

Can’t get test coins

As you can see in the first picture, the mouse has to go down, in the second picture you have to drag it to the right. for claim.

sorry. I was mean view.