Suggestion after testing


i’ve tested and found the whole design and layout very nice.

Here are my suggestions :

  • the ‘kart’ in the ‘buy covers page’ is not very visible and may be taken for an item. Maybe placing it at the top of the page (like in the majority of the marketplaces)

  • In the covers list page, there is warning message saying ; ‘Cover amount must be between 0.0001 and 0.1ETH’, yet, we can enter amount greater than 0.1 ETH. Maybe block the input to the upper amount or raise à red message or warning in the input. If we don’t see the message below, we can waste time entering amounts (imagine we have 20 covers in the list)

  • Do we need all the digits in the ETH balance, maybe only 5 or 6 digit after come will suffice

  • After choosing more than 10 covers, in the pay page, we have a scrolbar, this is not good for layout. Could you arrange the widgets and the page so as to have the whole list of the items under eye ?

  • In the page with the list of the protocols, we should be able to deselect all the item selected, ccould you add a reset button or deselect checkbox ?

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Hey, good ideas , definitely agree with you :sunglasses: