User Guide for Liquidity Mining on InsurAce

InsurAce will start to support Liquidity Mining for INSUR-USDC liquidity providers on Uniswap. Here is the User Guide on how to earn rewards through Liquidity Mining.

Step 1: Launch InsurAce App and connect your wallet

(1) Launch the App

  • Visit InsurAce Homepage, then click Launch APP in the middle.

  • The page will be redirected to InsurAce App.

(2) Connect your wallet

  • Click Connect Wallet on the right upper corner

  • Select the wallet you would like to connect. Currently, we only support MetaMask and WalletConnect.

  • Once successfully connected, your wallet address will be displayed in the right upper corner and do note to switch the network to mainnet in your wallet.

Step 2: Select Liquidity Mining Pool

  • Click Staking on Home Page and then navigate to Liquidity Mining page.
  • Select the liquidity mining pool. We currently support INSUR-USDC pair on Uniswap.

Step 3: Provide liquidity on Uniswap V2

If you have already gotten LP tokens, please jump to Step 4, else please add liquidity on Uniswap first.

  • Click Open Uniswap Pool to enter the Uniswap pool.

  • Click Approve INSUR , followed by Approve USDC to approve Uniswap to use your token.

  • Enter the amount of INSUR or USDC you wish to provide to the liquidity pool. Then click Supply .

  • Click Confirm Supply


  • Once you successfully supplied the liquidity then you will receive the corresponding amount of LP tokens. Click Add UNI-V2 to MetaMask to add and display the LP tokens in your MetaMask Wallet.



Now you can go back to our Liquidity Mining page to stake your LP tokens.

Step 4: Stake LP tokens

  • Once entering the liquidity mining pool, click Stake

  • Enter the amount of LP tokens you wish to stake.
  • Tick the check box if you have understood the risks involved. Then click Unlock .

  • Click Confirm to complete the staking.

Step 5: Unstake LP tokens

  • On the liquidity mining pool page, select Unstake to unstake your LP tokens.

  • Enter the amount and click Confirm


  • Once done, your unstake amount will be shown under Pending Withdraw Amount . After the 5mins lock-up period, it will be shown under Withdrawable Amount and then you can click Withdraw to get the LP tokens back to your wallet.

  • Enter the amount and click confirm


Congratulations! You can now check your LP tokens in your wallet.

Step 6: Harvest

The rewards for the staking will be INSUR tokens calculated at a per-block level according to the per-block reward configured. The rewards can be unlocked any time, but subject to per-block linear vesting over 15 days.

  • View your rewards via Dashboard > My Rewards

  • You need to unlock the reward before harvesting. Click Unlock.

  • Click Confirm


  • Once done, your unlocked rewards will be added to Total Reward under the Reward Vesting area. You can also check the Remaining vesting time , Remaining Reward, and Withdrawal Reward on this page. Click Harvest to get your reward.

  • Enter the amount and click Confirm

Congratulations! You can now check your wallet for the rewards.

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